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Mulga Rock Project (100% DYL)

Mulga Rock is one of Australia’s largest undeveloped uranium resources and lies in the Great Victoria Desert in Western Australia, 290km by road ENE of Kalgoorlie.

The Project consists of two separate mining areas over a total length of 30km, with individual deposits ranging in length from 1km to 8km. The Mulga Rock East mining centre comprises the Ambassador and Princess deposits and the Mulga Rock West mining centre comprises the Shogun and Emperor deposits.

Mulga Rock is an advanced Project with a revised Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) underway, to optimise project parameters to include critical mineral recovery optimisation work, detailed resource definition drilling and mining studies.

The previously completed DFS confirmed a 15-year life of mine using a simple, low-cost uranium mining and recovery process and an annual production target of ~3.5Mlb U308.

Mulga Rock is one of only four projects in Western Australia to receive State Ministerial approval to progress with the mining of uranium and it is currently the only one of those four likely to be developed in the near future.

In 2021, the Western Australian Department of Water and Environment Regulation provided formal confirmation that “substantial commencement” had been achieved. This notification, together with several approvals and confirmations received in the preceding months, allows the Mulga Rock Project to advance to the next stage of development.

Click here for Approvals and Compliance documents for the Mulga Rock Project.

Click here for documents published on the Environmental Protection Authority (WA) website.

Mulga Rock Project Map