Our Values

The Board acknowledges that conducting the Company’s affairs with evolving staff diversity, the growing complexity of doing business, the changing nature of interaction dealing with personnel and the full range of stakeholders involved requires a unifying set of beliefs and values to allow the Company and its agents to proceed with clarity and purpose to achieve its stated goals without contradiction or ambiguity. Specifically:

Safety and Wellbeing

Provide a secure and safe environment to uphold the Company’s paramount objective of achieving zero-harm across its workplaces.

Care and Respect

Treat people with respect, dignity and courtesy regardless of background, lifestyle or position.

Integrity and Accountability

Take an honest, fair, ethical and transparent approach by taking ownership and responsibility for our decisions, actions and results.  Above all, to deliver on our promises and develop a strong sense of trust both internally and externally.


Challenge the status quo to actively seek development of novel solutions by encouraging fresh ways of thinking to find improved ways to increase the viability and efficiency of our business, while protecting key values.


Harness the leverage and benefit of team effort to the extent possible without diminishing the contribution of the individual and to nurture both of these desired attributes.