Alligator River Project (100% DYL)

The Alligator River Project is the largest granted uranium exploration package in the world class Alligator River uranium province, located in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

The potential of Alligator River is demonstrated by the outstanding resources of the nearby Jabiluka and Ranger deposits providing over 750Mlb of U308 in mineral endowment (current resources and mined). Historical government policies have left this target-rich environment under-explored and Deep Yellow plans to capitalise on the potential of this area.

This substantial Project covers a total area of 3,895km2 (1,701km2 granted) and comprises of the Wellington Range King River, Algodo Beatrice and Mt Gilruth group of tenements.

Alligator River was previously owned by Cameco Australia Pty Ltd, who had invested nearly twenty years in the area and compiled a comprehensive tenement package, including access agreements with the relevant Arnhem Land Traditional Owners to allow mining and exploration.

Since the Project was acquired from Cameco in 2018, a maiden Mineral Resource Estimate was completed for the Angularli deposit in the Wellington Range King River tenements.

Alligator River Project Location Map