Capital Structure

Fully Paid Shares 330,231,449
Listed Options (exp. 1 June 2022, @ 50 cents*)

The terms and conditions in relation to the exercise price and Expiry Date (see below) of the Options are:

(a) Each Option entitles the holder to subscribe for one ordinary share in the Company upon the payment of $0.50.

(b) The Options will expire on the earlier of:

(i) 1 June 2022; and

(ii) 22 ASX Business Days after the Notification Date (defined below),

The Company will give notice of the new Expiry Date to the Option Holders on the Notification Date, and again before the 8th last ASX Business Day before the new Expiry Date.

Notification Date means the date (being any date within 5 ASX Business Days of the Acceleration Trigger Date) on which Option holders are notified of the Acceleration Trigger Date (defined below) such notification to be released on the Exchange; and

Acceleration Trigger Date means that date, at any time after 30 days after the issue date of the Options, that the closing price of the Shares on ASX is higher than A$0.78 for any 20 consecutive ASX Business Day period, then on the 20th consecutive ASX Business Day of any such period.